"Relationships still make a big difference in the media space and Impact has a fantastic reputation with the DJs themselves. I witnessed this a few years ago in LA when we worked on a pop-up shop for Joe Fresh and JCPenney. Several DJs came to the opening night (they weren't paid for it) simply because Impact asked them to."
Sissie Twiggs, former Director of Worldwide Marketing, Apple & VP Media/Advertising JCPenney
"Your team did—and does—an amazing job and I admire and respect the professionalism and follow-through, including quality."
Robin Wolfson, Integrated Marketing Strategist, Travel Channel Media
"Impact is a well-oiled machine. Both me and my team enjoy working with them, mostly because of how simple they make the process and because of the quality of the promotions. Their relationships in the industry are clearly based on years of committed service and they always over-deliver on expectations."
Ilana Stern, Director Consumer Marketing, Oxygen Media
"I've worked with the Impact team over the past year on the Virgin America account with great success and highly recommend them to anyone interested in breakthrough radio programs. Impact's ability to translate a client's marketing objectives into actionable programs is superior."
Karen Halstead, Co-Founder, Ways & Means
"Impact stands out in the promotion world not only for their innovative, creative and fresh ideas, but for delivering what they promise. I have worked with other promotion companies who promise the moon to get your business; then deliver excuses. Impact's promotions are targeted, memorable and effective, and what they plan, they deliver."
Jim Wagner, Owner, Certainly Studio
"Impact was my go-to agency for radio promotions during my time at ABC. No one knows radio better than Impact - They are a connected and respected force in the industry. From conception to completion, you can rest assured that a campaign with Impact will be creative, strategic and flawlessly executed."
Jennifer Nyhan, Managing Director, Initiative
"It has been such a pleasure working with Impact on campaigns for JCPenney, Minted, and COLD JUSTICE! From the prep calls to the copy points and detailed structure hints to the feedback on the spots, Impact's talented team makes my job easy! Since I know the copy points that MUST be included, I have so much freedom to ad lib around those, and I never have to wonder, Am I doing this right? Am I getting the most important information about the client across to my listeners?"
Lara Scott, Los Angeles Radio Host
"I don't say it enough, but I absolutely LOVE working with you guys! You're the BEST!"
Kevin "Koz" Koske, PM DRIVE DJ, 101.9 The Mix, WTMX Chicago
"Impact weeds through the jock "BS" and makes sure we're fans of the shows we're asked to support. You can hear it in the product. That honest dialogue is refreshing to me. They also prep us better than anyone else. The "manuals" aren't really manuals and they're not really "talking points." They're idea starters... a brainstorm spark, which I refer to every day of the campaign so I can make sure my message has a direction and is on point, but in my own words. Impact's commitment to excellence for their clients is why I work to be the best every time I turn on the mic."
Toby Knapp, PM Drive DJ, Assistant Program Director, WIHT, Washington DC
"I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate the enthusiasm, the direction, and the professionalism from the Impact team during the JCPenney campaign. I wish I could make little copies of you and say, THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT! There's a real personal investment from you for your clients."
Bonnie Curry, Midday DJ, KLTY, Dallas
"I really love working with Impact because of their passion for what they do. They want an excellent product for their clients, and I love being a part of that. Most endorsement I do are not like this."
Greg Simms, On-Air Host at K-Earth Los Angeles
"I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for including WEJZ in Animal Planet's marketing campaign for Monster Week. I work with many marketing and advertising agencies, and I wanted to say how much I enjoyed working with you and your staff. It's refreshing to work with a company who is so detailed. We felt like part of your team and the communication was greatly appreciated!"
Kaye Jewell, Sr. Account Manager, WEJZ, Renda Broadcasting, Jacksonville
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