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Impact Marketing & Promotions is an Engagement Marketing agency that creates and executes high-quality, customized audio campaigns, promotions, and events. Known for its extensive industry knowledge and meticulous attention to project details, Impact provides responsive, accurate, and impeccable customer service. An expert team of creative and innovative professionals has made Impact a leader in the audio marketing industry for years.

The DJ Influencer™ Campaign


Impact seeks out radio personalities and podcast hosts who are enthusiastic fans of your brand to participate in this targeted campaign strategy. We go through a rigorous vetting process to select personalities who are true supporters to achieve your marketing objectives. Your unscripted message, delivered with personal insight and genuine excitement, sounds like an organic part of the show's programming, rather than paid commercial spots. Authenticity is critical to what we do and we make sure every spot is unique.

Our DJs and hosts don't just talk on the radio or host podcasts. They connect personally with listeners via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Our strategy, and solid working relationship with personalities, guarantees your message is not limited to the airwaves, but extended creatively to social media.


Impact is tuned into the continued growth, language usage and the demographic changes among Hispanics. We possess deep cultural expertise, ensuring relevant messaging that engages Latino consumers in all acculturation levels. We work with Hispanic radio and podcast influencers from a multitude of backgrounds resulting in targeted messaging that resonates with any segment of your Hispanic audience. With years of Hispanic marketing experience, we can create the engagement and connection your brand needs to succeed with this
highly coveted demo.


Impact Productions is a full-service recording studio specializing in audio ad production. We take care of everything from script-writing, music sourcing or original creation, recording, mixing and editing, and all the paperwork that goes with it including contracts, licensing fees, and IRS reporting. With a pool of voice talent covering virtually every age, language, accent and genre from around the world, Impact Productions is ready to create your perfect spot.


Whether it’s a mall tour, private concert, premiere party, corporate event, live broadcast, in-store appearance, screening or movie preview, we help our clients make it happen. We strive to establish connections with audiences that can result in increased viewership, product branding, and improved consumer loyalty. Our staff executes special projects for our clients with passion, drive and commitment. This begins with strategic planning, creative concept research and continues with execution, reporting,
and results measurement.

Promotions & Sweepstakes

We love promotions

They run in programming time, not sales time, so they come across as station-endorsed. Our TV and radio promotions are custom-tailored to fit every client’s specific goals and are carefully negotiated and leveraged against any paid spots already booked. Our creative staff will present you with programming segment contest ideas that directly tie-in with your product, message, or brand. We know what works on-air, what gets talent fired up, and what grabs the
attention of listeners.

Impact is in the business of managing effective and innovative local and national sweepstakes. Whether we promote your sweepstakes on the radio, online, TV, or via social media, we will work to craft a legally-sound concept that will cut through the media clutter and engage audiences in a way that ties in with your other marketing initiatives. For easy entry, we are experts at creating custom-designed online sweepstakes that will seamlessly link from a participating radio website, TV affiliate, partner website or mobile app.

In Good Company

Impact's clients are representative of the world's finest branded entertainment and consumer companies. Impact has consistently developed and delivered some of radio's most memorable campaigns. At the same time, we have built deep relationships with the country's best radio stations and DJs, so your marketing efforts have maximum impact. Here are some kind words from a few clients, vendors and radio personalities.

"I worked with Impact when I was at Apple starting with the launch of the iPod, followed by many other product launches, and also when I was at JCPenney. Impact's ability to strategize, create and deliver is unparalleled."

Sissie Twiggs, former Director of Worldwide Marketing, Apple & VP Media/Advertising JCPenney

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